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Why do you need a commercial property survey?

1st July 2020

Property surveys for residential dwellings are widely acknowledged and used by savvy purchasers. The information they contain provides vital details on whether it’s the right next step for them, setting plans in motion for improvement and even influencing what they’re willing to pay for the property. So why should a commercial property purchase or lease be treated any differently? 

Commercial property surveys may not be as high profile as their residential counterparts, but they are just as important. As Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire’s leading commercial property estate agents, we specialise in helping developers, landlords and commercial tenants take the best care of their assets, and this includes delivering professional commercial property surveys. 

Here we reveal more about why you need a commercial property survey and how our commercial property estate agents can be of assistance.

Put health and safety first

The health and safety of any property should be of paramount importance. As a commercial property owner you are responsible for fulfilling various legislative obligations. This includes complying with the latest health and safety regulations, and upholding the highest standards of fire safety. 

Whether you are planning to inhabit the building yourself as a commercial premises or are purchasing the property as an investment and leasing to another company, the safety of all the people within is a constant and major consideration. 

After our commercial property estate agents have found the ideal property for you, it’s up to our surveyors to run through it with a fine-tooth comb. As part of a commercial property survey, a surveyor will identify various measures that can and should be put into place to protect employee or tenant safety. These precautions will also help to limit financial liability by reducing the risk of claims that could adversely affect your reputation and profits.

Dig deeper into its construction

Digging deeper into the construction of a property is what our commercial property estate agents always recommend. A lot goes on underneath the surface, and a commercial property survey ensures you receive the full picture of exactly what you’re buying before you sign on the dotted line. 

A commercial property survey analyses the construction of the property in great detail to reveal concealed wall systems that are far more complex than the timber and steel frames used in the construction of residential dwellings. By examining the construction of the commercial building in this detail, the surveyor can highlight any issues that may influence your offer and dictate your insurance premium.

Sign a lease with confidence and clarity

Those looking to lease a commercial property should request a commercial property survey before they sign their agreement. 

As our commercial property estate agents will explain, a survey provides a vital record of the property from the moment you start your tenancy to the time that your lease expires. A professional survey ensures you and the property owner or landlord has all the facts in regards to the current state of the property. In addition to this, a survey provides the information needed to define any liability for refurbishment and repair when returning the property at the end of the lease period. 

A commercial property survey will also set a helpful benchmark that you can continue to maintain the property to in order to minimise long term costs and liability. It will detail existing and unavoidable defects within the property and highlight possible issues that may arise in the future. All these insights will ensure both you and the landlord or property owner are on exactly the same page from the very beginning.

For tenants leasing commercial property and their landlords, a commercial property survey provides the opportunity to define an accurate and consistent maintenance plan that all parties are fully aware of from the outset. Commercial property landlords and owners can use this information to precisely forecast costs, revenues and unexpected outlays.

For further information on our property services, including professional surveys, please contact our commercial property estate agents today.