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What does a property manager do

1st June 2020

Looking after your assets has never been so important, particularly as we continue to move through a time of uncertainty amid the Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Your property portfolio is, after all, more than just a source of income during these challenging times. It offers value and security and should be protected and managed appropriately as a result. 

As a leading provider of property management services, we understand just how difficult it can be to look after your property portfolio alone. Our experts are here to help, when times are good and when times are tough, to ensure your property holds or even increases its value. But what exactly can a property manager do for you? Here we take a closer look at the role and responsibilities of a property manager as well as detail the property management services you can expect from a professional like us!

The link between tenant and landlord

Keeping a property tenanted is an ongoing concern for landlords throughout the UK. Once your property is tenanted however, you can’t just rest on your laurels. Maintaining a good tenant-landlord relationship is integral to keeping your property occupied and income coming in. 

Property management services work closely with the tenant and the landlord to ensure a good working relationship from the start of their tenancy to the end of their contract. Your property manager will be the first port of call for your tenant and be heavily involved in catering to their needs throughout the length of the tenancy agreement. They’ll deal with everything from noise complaints to repair and maintenance issues, and even organise and chair resident and tenant meetings on your behalf to start discussions and resolve issues.

There to keep you in the loop

Whilst a property manager is there to make your life as a landlord much easier, a good property manager will always keep you updated on the status of your portfolio. Communication sits at the centre of all our property management services, and we actively play a part in keeping landlords informed every step of the way. 

Thanks to our property management services, you’ll receive information, support and advice on everything property related, including vacancy rates, business policies, service charges, legal issues (including landlord, health and safety compliance), repair and maintenance requests, accounting, and strategic property investment advice. We won’t just come to with problems either, our property management specialists provide solutions with invaluable insights and guidance at every stage.

The first port of call for upkeep and repair

Running a property well takes a lot of time, effort, expertise and experience. With this in mind, our property management services offer the first port of call for both tenants and landlords. Whilst landlords benefit from continuous advice and support, tenants can look forward to a high-quality service around the clock to ensure their rented property works for them. 

The provision of repairs and maintenance is one of the many things that will be handled directly by your property manager. Maintenance and repair work will be coordinated at the tenant’s request. Repairs and maintenance will also be completed to ensure the property remains in the best possible condition for current and future tenants. Reactive and planned maintenance will be organised by your property manager where necessary following routine property inspections.

We understand that money matters

One of the many reasons you may have become a landlord will have been to capitalise on the UK’s property market, and we don’t blame you! The demand for rental properties makes being a landlord as lucrative as ever. Our property management services go above and beyond managing and collecting rent from tenants. We set and adjust rent, maintain accurate records and manage budgets to ensure property investment works for you both now and in the future.

To find out more about our property management services, please contact our dedicated team today.