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Top 5 Most Expensive Houses In The World

26th June 2018

Top 5 Most Expensive Houses In The World

1. Buckingham Palace

Now unless you've been living under a rock for the entirety of your life then you'll know that Buckingham Palace is the residence of the queen. The property is valued at over £1 Billion. The Palace has 775 rooms in total, this includes 52 bathrooms, 19 staterooms, 188 staff rooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms. Buckingham Palace is furnished with 514 doors, 350 clocks, 760 windows and a huge 40,000 light bulbs. So you can imagine the job that the electrician has to do trying to maintain all of that. But it's fair to say that by living in this house you'd certainly be living the life of luxury.


2. Antilia Building

Believe it or not, this is actually a family home. This building is 400,000 square foot and 27 stories high. There are some 3 helipads on the roof of the building as well as space for 168 cars in the garage of the house. There's a 50 seat cinema in the middle. The Ambani family reside on the upper floors. So should go forbid all 9 elevators break at the same time then a large climb up the stairs awaits you. Or you could just fetch one of the helicopters of course. This building is rated with a market value of £650 million.

3. Villa Leopolda

Based in France, the Villa Leopolda is the largest French villa in the world, Situated in a very nice 18 acre estate and named after King Leopold II, the longest reigning monarch of Belgium. The villa was created in the style of the Bella Epoque, this excellent architecture has featured in the ballet classic, The Red Shoes. As well as Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief. This building is market valued at a whopping £485 million.

4. Xanadu 2.0

This house is owned by the world's richest man Bill Gates. The house is so futuristic that it would make your eyes water. It is believed that when guests enter Gates' house, they wear a pin that automatically will adjust the temperature, lighting, and music in each room based on the previous preferences of that person. The house has a 60ft swimming pool which has an underwater music system. But nothing will come close to the giant trampoline room with a 20ft ceiling. The house is at £100 million

5. New Hyde Park

This is only the second most expensive London property that we will find on this list. Although the apartment will set you back a fair bob or two. With a market value of £75 million should you decide that you want to live here. Unsurprisingly there are very few apartments in this address that are inhabited. No points for guessing just why that is. But if you are very fortunate to be able to afford then the benefits are really endless here. It has on one side Knightsbridge and the world's biggest back garden on the others. As well as very little noise from the neighbours too! Mainly down to there being a lack of them, to begin with.

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