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The Importance of Listing Commercial Property

29th July 2019

Whatever the reason behind your initial investment, when it comes to selling or letting your commercial property getting the marketing right first-time round is the number one priority. Whilst residential and commercial property sales are often mentioned in the same breath, the selling and letting process differs vastly when it comes to offering a commercial property to the market. As well as there being differing legislation affecting a commercial sale or letting and in turn a property’s value, there are numerous additional factors that need to be considered when offering commercial property to the market.

As a leading Commercial Property Estate Agent for Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire, we take the hard work out of selling or letting your commercial property. Our services are designed to ensure that when a commercial property is offered to the market there is attention to the detail, which will procure the best result. Your commercial property listing has to find you the perfect buyer or tenant who’s willing to commit to your commercial property at the right price and within an acceptable time frame.

So, where do you begin when listing your commercial property properly? Here we share our expert advice… Remember, detail is everything!

These days commercial property occupiers have so many ways to search for a potential property. Online property portals in particular make it quick and simple for people to narrow down their requirements, with drop down menus enabling them to search using the finer details of their requirements. With this in mind, vendors and landlords, and the agents representing them, must ensure that the property listing is thorough and precise. A simple spelling error or missing feature has the potential of incorrectly listing a property and missing potential buyers and tenants.

Work closely with your agent to gather, review and triple check the property information that will form part of your listing. Getting the information correct will ensure that your property is placed in front of the correct buyers and tenants as a result.

Get the price right

Just like residential buyers, commercial property buyers and tenants have their own set budgets to work with. It is also more common for commercial occupiers to be professional advised, so it is critical to ensure that your commercial property is priced realistically in line with other properties of a similar specification and in similar locations. Marketing is all about finding the right balance to ensure that the best result is achieved for the client but at the same time making sure that potentially interested parties take the listing seriously. You don’t want to alienate potential buyers or tenants with a high price point. At the same time, a purchase price that is too low can be a cause for concern and suspicion for potential buyers. 

Set the right price by getting your property valued by a commercial property expert and make sure it is reflected accurately on your listing.

An accurate location is key

As we’ve discovered, accuracy is essential to listing your commercial property properly. Make sure your property’s location is truthfully described in the information that will be provided to prospective buyers or tenants. Make sure that all of the local attributes are mentioned like proximately to the road network, availability of parking, access to local amenities, availability of the local labour market etc. It may sound obvious, but often these positive advantages can be overlooked and yet these details can often encourage people to take a greater interest in a property. Include a specific and accurate location on your listing to ensure no one is left in the dark.

Shout about your space

The amount of space on offer at any commercial premises is another crucial factor for buyers and tenants. Prospective buyers and tenants want to know they are choosing a property that has the potential to accommodate their business both now and in the future. Ensure your space is measured precisely by a professional to keep interested parties satisfied when attending viewings. It is always worth mentioning, where appropriate, that a property has the potential to be extended or altered in order to accommodate more useable space too.

Photography and location plans

Like the residential property market, people want to see pictures of commercial properties too. Many commercial properties may not necessarily look beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be photographed. It is important to ensure that photos are not misleading, but there are always positive attributes of any property that should be photographed to give the best impression. With better technology video walk-throughs and ariel photography can also significantly enhance the viewer experience.  Likewise, location plans are just as important, as these will help to illustrate site boundaries and a property’s location relative to the road network, carparking and local amenities.

Ready to list your commercial property? We can help you achieve all the above and so much more. Contact our commercial property team today to get started.