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Recruitment Start-up Praise Rory Mack Associates Flexible Office Offering

26th February 2019

“We were keen to secure a central location that was consistent with our brand and the team at Rory Mack Associates delivered a multitude of viable options.”

Securing office space is a critical step for every new business and picking the right location can have a huge impact on the appearance of a new brand; furthermore, managed office solutions can help minimise overheads and reduce the liability of a new business.

Robbie Hunter and Ashley Heywood, Co-founders of Hunter Heywood Ltd, a new recruitment agency in Newcastle-under-Lyme, understood the importance of location and got in touch with our team to find a suitable office location after scouring the online market unsuccessfully.

“We invested a lot of time in our brand, so it was key for us to find a location that was consistent with the look and feel,” said Robbie Hunter, Recruitment Director. “The team at Rory Mack Associates delivered a multitude of viable options quickly, allowing us to complete on a lease and focus on managing other aspects of our new business.”

Beth Henaghan from Rory Mack Associates added “we recognise the need and importance to respond to enquires quickly and efficiently and it was a pleasure to assist Hunter Heywood Ltd with their search, which resulted in them finding a premises ideally suited to their business needs and we wish them very success for the future”.

For more information on our flexible office offering, please visit: https://rorymack.co.uk/properties

To learn more about Hunter Heywood Ltd, visit their website: https://www.hunterheywood.co.uk