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Benefits of Choosing a Good Commercial Property Agent

2nd November 2020

Property Management remains a good investment for people from all walks of life. Commercial property is particularly profitable, with those looking to start or expand their property portfolios able to realise its benefits. Purchasing and managing commercial property however isn’t easy. But with the right professional advice and support, commercial investors and landlords can enjoy its many short and long term advantages. 

Enlisting the services of a good commercial property agent is essential, especially considering the current climate. A reputable commercial estate agency provides a long list of high quality services - including property management - to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. But why is selecting a good commercial estate agency to assist you so important?

Discover a sound investment

Whether you’re new to the commercial property market or a time served investor or landlord, buying a commercial property that will serve you well relies on extensive and current market knowledge. 

Your chosen commercial estate agency will assist you from start to finish, and it all begins with finding the right commercial property to purchase. As well as being able to advise you on the benefits of purchasing a certain type of property, your commercial property agent will give you professional advice on which location is the right one for your target market or tenant. 

From the city centre and the suburbs to the countryside and other locations, our commercial property agents have the local knowledge you need to pinpoint a locale that works for you, your budget, and your long and short term property investment plans.

Buy and sell without disruption

The continuation of your company or your tenant’s business is vital, but this shouldn’t stop you from buying or selling commercial property as you see fit.

With the help of our commercial estate agency and property management service, you can buy and sell commercial property without disrupting the efficiency of the workforce within. Here at Rory Mack Associates, we understand what’s important to you, which means a smooth transition when buying or selling is all a part of the service. 

Enjoy a truly independent service

Unlike large commercial property and property management chains, our status as an independent commercial estate agency means we can serve you best. Our aim is simple – our expert team provides you with the highest standard of service to help you fulfil your commercial property goals.

As a local firm with specialist commercial property knowledge, we are well placed to supply the very best advice and support to those looking to buy or sell commercial property in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire and the surrounding areas.

Access the latest technology

Whilst we have a long tradition providing commercial estate agency and property management services, we use the latest technology to deliver all our services. This means we can provide you with all the essentials to buy, sell and manage your commercial property assets to the highest standards.

Assistance every step of the way

Our commercial estate agency doesn’t just specialise in the sale, letting and auction of commercial property. We provide a comprehensive solution for every commercial investor and landlord.

Our property management services for example ensure help and advice every step of the way as you navigate the world of commercial property.  We already have an extensive portfolio of private and corporate clients, and manage residential and commercial property portfolios of all sizes and specifications as a result. 

We pride ourselves on ensuring good landlord-tenant relationships too, delivering a property management service that’s efficient, effective and easy for both parties. Our knowledge of landlord compliance, health and safety compliance, and strategic property investment also means we can serve you wherever your commercial property journey takes you.

In addition to this, our property management service includes the organisation and provision of reactive and planned maintenance. Our commercial estate agency uses approved contractors who are vetted, insured and fully compliant to carry out all works. This ensures your property investment is well looked after and your tenants thoroughly satisfied with their let.

To find out more about how our commercial estate agency and property management service can assist you, please get in touch with our team today.